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Da Fancy

Da Fancy

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Because we heard you like it Fancy.

nopeet® shades are designed to fit both Adam and Eve no matter the size or shape of their heads. Length of the temples is adjustable. Soft padding for the nose and forehead assures there will be no chafing - not even when riding at supersonic speeds. As a cherry on top of the cake, these shades are sturdy AF. You better have a shotgun if you feel like destroying them.

Lenses are made from the best PC material available and spiced up with the UVA/UVB protection. These intergalactic glasses are designed in Finland. (Registered design. Protected by all the possible laws. If you tryna copy, we gonna come after your family.)


Valonnopea toimitus 1-3 arkipäivää. Ilmainen palautus & vaihto.



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